I Dreamed A Dream
by Ben Waterford
Ben's Latest Book - A Psychological Fantasy novel
10 Past 4
by Ben Waterford
Four teens join forces in a thrilling time-travel adventure.
Lost in the Dreamtime
by Ben Waterford
A dramatic Australian sci-fi adventure set in the rugged Kimberley region of Western Australia.
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Hi, my name is Ben Waterford and I enjoy writing fiction novels and short stories. I live in Perth, Western Australia with my wife and have two adult children.
I started writing late really at the age of 52 just as a challenge to myself. I had always wanted to write a book and I suppose it was getting to be now or never. I don’t stick to any particular genre and just have fun writing whatever comes to mind.
I semi-completed my first novel in 2010, with a storyline about four teenage youths who become entangled in a WW2 time-travel experiment and end up in some fun and often dangerous adventures. This novel was shelved while I concentrated on writing my second book about a young boy lost in the Australian outback. This Sci-Fi adventure novel titled 'Lost in the Dreamtime' was released in late 2014 as an eBook at KOBO Books, but later published with Amazon Kindle, Apple iBook’s and others in February 2016.
By May 2016 I was satisfied that my original novel was now ready to publish, so the first YA book in 'The Time Followers' theme, titled '10 Past 4' was released.
My third book 'I Dreamed A Dream' was published in December 2016. In September 2017 I completed a short story titled 'The Rat and the Signalman'. This short story is free to download from this site.
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Update ...

I have now lowered the price of all my published novels to US$2.99 each.
If you have not read any of my books then now may be the right time to give one a go.

More e-book stores have been added to the list including ANGUS & ROBERTSON in Australia, INDIGO (Canada), VIVLIO (France) and MONDADORI in Italy.

Free download ...

For visitors to my website you can still get a free download of my short story titled 'The Rat and the Signalman'.
Click the red book on the Bookshelf and download yourself a copy. The ZIP file contains an EPUB, MOBI and PDF version.
Update: Over 600 downloads so far ... enjoy!


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