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The book to read is not the one that thinks for you - but the one that makes you think." Harper Lee (American Author)

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Newspaper reporter Bradley Chong stumbles upon a bizarre coincidence that compels him to travel to the remote outback town of Halls Creek in Western Australia. The plot centres on a young boy who was lost and then found some sixty years later, but has strangely not aged in that time.


10 Past 4

The first novel in 'The Time Followers' theme. Four teens from various backgrounds come together in their first exciting adventure. Stumbling across an old WW2 bunker hidden deep within the Welsh Pembrokeshire countryside they are confronted by a rudimentary and unstable time machine that sets them off on an incredible journey to save a war-torn London from certain destruction by a German developed atomic bomb.


I Dreamed A Dream: One Man's Nightmare

When a dream becomes a reality the nightmare begins. Brendon is cast into an unknown world where murderers are sent for penance. A world where demons and beasts run amok and humans are their fodder. Can Brendon find his way back to the real world or will he be lost forever.

Ben Waterford
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