Reviews: Lost in the Dreamtime

First published as ebook November 2014

Lost in the Dreamtime

Newspaper reporter Bradley Chong stumbles upon a bizarre coincidence that compels him to travel to the remote outback town of Halls Creek in Western Australia. The plot centres on a young boy who was lost and then found some sixty years later, but has strangely not aged in that time.

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Genre: Sci-Fi Adventure
First published: November 2014
ISBN: 978-0-9941586-0-4


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February, 2016

Loved It !

Hey Ben, Thank you for your book Lost in the Dreamtime absolutely loved it. You must keep writing you are very good.
Dianne, Australia

October, 2014

ENjoyable Read

Lost in the Dreamtime is an enjoyable read. Set in Australia, Ben cleverly creates an atmosphere of intrigue, with attention to detail and a sense of history. I wanted to keep reading to piece together all the clues as they unfolded in a cunning fashion. With a little humor and romance for good measure I believe this book appeals to a broader audience.
T Daniel, Baldivis, Western Australia

June, 2014

Great Story

Thanks Ben for the preview edition. I've read a lot of novels and many bestsellers over the years, so I imagined your first attempt at writing would be interesting to say the least. However, I was pleasantly surprised with the twists and turns and the Aussie humour, whilst relishing in the atmosphere of its location. Well done.
K J Smyth, Mandurah, Western Australia

Ben Waterford
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